The Brightness of Heaven | Production design by Meganne George

Stylistically, set and costume designer Meganne George transports us back to the 1970s with a wonderful feel for the period. The tones are groovy and palatable, and the interior of the home is bedecked with enough stuff to make it look warm and inviting, but not too cluttered. Costumes are also a triumph with enough fun pieces to make you want to traipse through Beacon’s Closet or any other trendy vintage store in New York for that one-of-a-kind find.

Cindy Pierre, Theatre is Easy

It takes place in Buffalo in 1974, and set and costume designer Meganne George does an impeccable job of presenting that milieu. 

Darryl Reilly, Theatre Scene

The set and the smart, spot-on period costumes were designed by Meganne George.

Michael Hillyer, Front Row Center

A quick inventory of the stage, designed to kitschy perfection by Meganne George, tells the audience all we need to know about the family that lives there.

New York Theatre Now

Mabou Mines' Dollhouse cast | photo by Nancy Santos

Excellent also are Meganne George’s costumes.

Los Angeles Times

In Mabou Mines’ Dollhouse, the set designer, Narelle Sissons and costume designer Meganne George not only transport audiences into a different age with their Victorian design but they also toy with the sense of scale through use of child size proportions., reviewing the Singapore Arts Festival performance

As Nora Helmer, the heroine of the play, co-adaptor Maude Mitchell is a sight to behold in her frilly, lace-trimmed blue dress (costumes are by Meganne George), her cheeks rouged, her hair a yellow blond.

Richard Patterson, Music OMH

Little Suckers | Set design by Meganne George

The set and staging are some of the most gorgeous and efficient I have seen…daringly innovative.

Time Out New York

The sadness and desperation of these characters is palpable and fully-formed…. Meganne George’s tiered set is enormously helpful as well; it divides the big square Ohio Theatre playing area into three distinct spaces that don’t physically touch one another…

Martin Denton,

…surrounding all of these misguided folks is a sincerely beautiful set designed by Meganne George

Lindsay Wilson,

GoGo Kitty, Go! | Costumes by Meganne George

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE [about Meganne George’s costume design]? Its grungy ingenuity does Meyer proud.

New York Sun

Woyzeck | Set design by Meganne George

Meganne George’s set captured the play’s bleakness with a spare but telling elegance….  With its gutsy, intelligent direction, searing performances, and bold visual imagery, this production of Woyzeck was an exhausting, horrifying, and ultimately exhilarating experience. While not for everybody, it should be required viewing for anyone who has an interest in state-of-the-art theatre at any level.

Doug DeVita, OOBR

The Gold | Set design by Meganne George

Meganne George’s scenic design, with a central boxing ring, easily changes to the shifting locales in Germany, the U.S., and Israel, with a few movable chairs and tables. …dates and places inscribed on the set’s backdrop, [help] to clarify the sometimes-confusing jumps in time and transitions from scene to scene.

Deb Miller, DC Metro Theatre Arts